Spotlight on Pressure Vessels

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Pressure Vessel - Completed Fabrication - Ready-to-Ship on Flatbed Truck_

Pressure Vessels Fabrication Expertise

Bendel Tank & Heat Exchanger has a long history of designing and manufacturing custom pressure vessels.  With decades of experience, we have built a vast array of Pressure Vessels & Reactors with wall thickness exceeding 1″, diameters up to 15 feet, and weighing up to 70 tons. 

Due to the many different industries we serve, our experience in engineering, design and fabrication of Pressure Vessels & Reactors is immense.


Pressure vessels are primarily used to store and transmit liquids, vapors and gases under pressure.  Within the vessel, these substances exert pressure equally in all directions on the walls and ends of the pressure vessel.  Because of the internal loading, stresses are induced on certain sections of the cylinder walls.


There are generally two types of pressure vessels: defined by either the open/close of the end or by the vessel dimensions.

Pressure vessels, according to its end construction, are characterized by either an open end or closed end. A simple cylinder with a piston is an example of an open-end vessel, whereas a tank is an example of closed-end vessel.

1 - Piston-cylinder-Pressure Vessel DesignOpen-End/Piston Vessel

Fluid pressure within open-ended vessels will induce circumferential stress (also known as 'hoop stress'), while fluid pressure within closed end vessels will induce both longitudinal stress and circumferential stress.

2 - Closed-End-Vessel - pressure vessel example|Closed-End Vessel

When classifying pressure vessels according to dimensions, pressure vessels may be of 'thin shell' or 'thick shell'.


The deciding factor among thin and thick shells is determined by vessel wall thickness and shell diameter.  If the ratio is less than 1/10 it is said to be a thick shell. Thick-shell vessels are used in high-pressure applications including high-pressure cylinders, high-pressure tanks, gun barrels, and other high-pressure applications. 

3 - Thick Wall PlateThick-Shell Pressure Vessel

If the ratio is 1/10 or more, the vessel is said to be thin shell. Thin-shell vessels are typically used in boilers, low-pressure tanks, and piping, 

4 - Thin Shell Vessel - asme pressure vessel example Thin-Shell Pressure Vessel


Bendel pressure vessels are used in many industries to store fluids under pressure. Major uses of industry pressure vessels include:

  • Steam Boilers
  • Chemical Storage
  • Storage of Petroleum Products
  • Engine Cylinders

Learn more about our pressure vessel fabrication solutions here.

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