HR  - Hot Rolled

1 - 2D_Hot Rolled Tank finish Example_

2 - 2B_mill_finish Hot Rolled (HR) 

Grit: n/a 
RA Range: n/a
Rough, dull surface appearance. Most scale removed by pickling. Applies to all steel plate 3/16" and thicker. Specify where surface finish is a low priority.

2B  - Mill Finish

2 - 2B_Mill Finish Example_

2 - 2B_mill_finish Mill Finish (2B) 

Grit: n/a 
RA Range: n/a
A smooth, bright, moderately reflective finish suitable for "as is" specifications or as a preliminary finish for further polishing. Available only in 1/4" or thinner sheet material.. 

No. 3 Finish 

3 - No 3 Semi Polished Tank Finish Example_

3 - no._3_semi_polished_finish No. 3

Grit: 120 
RA Range: 40-50
A semi-polished surface achieved by finishing with the equivalent of a 120-grit abrasive. This finish has a pronounced grit line. Typically used with a No. 3 weld finish.

No. 4 Finish 

4 -no._4_polish - Sanitary Finish Example_

4 - no._4_sanitary_bright_finish No. 4 

Grit: 100
RA Range: 15-30
A sanitary, general purpose, bright finish with visible grain which prevents mirrorlike reflectivity. Use where sanitary surfaces are required. Meets current 3A standards. Typically used with a No. 4 weld finish.

No. 6 Finish 

no.7_polish tank finish example

6 - no._6_high_reflective_smooth_finish No. 6

Grit: 240 
RA Range: 10-15
Polished finish achieved with the equivalent of a 240-grit abrasive. Finer grit lines and higher reflectivity than No. 4 finish. Improved product release, cleanability, and appearance. Typically used with a No. 6 weld finish.

No. 7 Finish 

6 - no 7 & no_8_polish - highly reflective tank finish example_

7 no._7_and_8_highly reflective_mirror_finish No. 7

Grit: 320
RA Range: <10

Highly reflective surface obtained with the equivalent of a 320-grit abrasive. Minimal grit lines. Used where product-contact surfaces are critical. Typically used with a No. 7 weld finish.
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