Conventional Jacket for ASME pressure vessels - tanks - equipment - example

Conventional jackets provide a large heating or cooling transfer area; however, depending upon the pressure, conventional jackets can be substantially more expensive than other alternatives.


Dimple Jackets for Process Vessels & Tanks

Dimpled jackets provide for a desirable large heating or cooling transfer area and are a relatively inexpensive, but they are not recommended for pressures exceeding 100 psi or when the cycling of steam and cooling water is to be utilized in the process.


Half Pipe Jacket for ASME Process Vessels Tanks Equipment - Example

Half pipe jackets are more expensive than dimpled jackets but do not have the pressure or cycling limitations of dimpled jackets. All three external jacket options do not pose a potential for material contamination.




Internal Coils for ASME Pressure Vessels Tanks Equipment - Example

Internal coils provide for good heating and cooling surface contact while handling high internal and external pressures. If the stored material is not corrosive to the coil then this may be the most economical option. ​ However, internal coils do not offer the degree of safety from contamination by the heating or cooling medium that external jackets can provide.


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