Chemical Condenser Project

Posted by Admin on Jun 30, 2022 3:30:00 PM

1- Chemical Condenser engineering fabrication = 7

Chemical Condenser Engineering, Fabrication

Condenser Heat Exchanger project for resin manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

  • 23.25" ID - 168" tube length BEM Heat Exchangers
  • Shell side material: Carbon steel
    Tube side material: 316L Stainless
    Tubesheet material: 316L Stainless
    Baffles, Tie rods, and Spacers constructed of Carbon Steel
  • Shellside Design: 100 psig at -20F / 212F
  • Tubeside Design:  15 psig at -20F / 248F
  • Designed to ASME Section VIII, Division I, TEMA 9th Edition, Class "C"


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